Staff Directory

Office Staff

Principal - Natalie Stewart (Contact Me)
Interim Assistant To The Principal - Ti’Asha Logan-Oglesby (Contact Me)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Terez Williams (Contact Me)
Registrar/Administrative Assistant - Maria Calderon (Contact Me)
Nurse - Heather Hoffer (Contact Me)
Cafeteria Manager - Dee Williams (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - Rosemarie Wyer (Contact Me)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Glynis Yowell (Contact Me)

Special Areas

Art - Marian Feliciano Velez (Contact Me)
Band & Orchestra - Savannah Entin (Contact Me)
Dance & Drama - Sarah Hoffman (Contact Me)
Information & Media - Meghan Alexis (Contact Me)
Music & Choir - Hiram Lopez Mendez (Contact Me)

Grade One

Claudia Gambetta (Contact Me) Bilingual Classroom
Tamara Gore (Contact Me) Team Lead
Kasie Heinzelman (Contact Me)
Alex Navarre (Contact Me)
Jennifer Wakeland (Contact Me)
Adrienne Sargent Adrienne Sargent (Contact Me) Team Lead

Grade Two

Stephanie Brueckmann (Contact Me)
Alyson Hayes (Contact Me)
Yarelis Barrera Morales (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Ann Manring (Contact Me)
Michelle Holmes (Contact Me)
Jaquia Stacy (Contact Me)

Grade Three

Marcy Gaines (Contact Me)
Lori Kirkland (Contact Me)
Catherine McDonald (Contact Me)
Katelyn Ngooi (Contact Me)
Deirdra Ransom (Contact Me)
Jose Martinez (Contact Me)

Grade Four

Indya Carver (Contact Me)
Emily Murphy (Contact Me)
Courtney Radaker (Contact Me)
Amanda Pickrell (Contact Me)
Alexandra Wilkins (Contact Me)

Grade Five

Carah Kennedy (Contact Me)
Jessica Langemeier (Contact Me)
Amie Larkins (Contact Me)
Alisha Lockhart (Contact Me) Team Lead
Tina Nichols (Contact Me)
Alexandria Sturgill (Contact Me)
Harry Wallace (Contact Me)

Grade Six

Nathan Douty (Contact Me)
Michael Johnson (Contact Me)
Jennifer Lucas (Contact Me)
Casey Peterson * (Contact Me) Team Lead
Heidi Stone (Contact Me) Team Lead
Shannon Sweeney (Contact Me)
Ann Marie Lotridge (Contact Me)

School Resource Staff

Behavioral Mentor - Tammy Mills (Contact Me)
English As A New Language - Deanna (Lynn) Burns (Contact Me)
English As A New Language - Brittney Hewett (Contact Me)
Functional Academics - Anita Nicholson (Contact Me)
Resource - Dean Gardner (Contact Me)
Resource - Mehrine Ahmed (Contact Me)
Resource - Emily Pion (Contact Me)
Speech & Language - Amelia Kubsch (Contact Me)
School Community Liaison - Neal Gore (Contact Me)
Occupational Therapist - Kari Miller (Contact Me)
Physical Therapist - Shari Rohyans (Contact Me)
Technology - Gregory Dulin (Contact Me)
School Psychologist - Cindy Martz (Contact Me)