Mystery Bags Show Up in Third Grade Classroom at Harrison Hill!< Go back

November 7th, 2014
Children in Mrs. Robison’s third grade were shown a bag of items and took some time to look and make inferences about what a person might be doing with these items.  Next, students used a graphic organizer to answer questions like who might have used these items, what they might have been used for, where someone might use them, when and why they thought these items could be used. They used their notes to write a summary explaining a scenario/story about the items in the bag.
Sports bag – included a softball, mitt, cleats, and bottle of water
Baking bag - contained a cupcake pan, cake mix, bowl, spoon, icing, measuring cups, and sprinkles
The students record their inferences on their graphic organizer and then using visual arts and their imaginations, they write stories about who the bag belonged to, and what the owner did with the items in the bag.