How Gardening Has Changed Health and Wellness at Harrison Hill
    July 09, 2018

    Harrison Hill School is unusual as a community school: services that families need are accessible at the school (part 1), and School Community Liaison Neal Gore has developed an exceptionally robust family engagement program (part 2).  The third piece of this work is improving kids’ health by creating a healthy environment where making good nutrition choices are part of daily life.

    Harrison Hill School is part of Jump IN’s community demonstration project that’s competing in the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge. Jump IN is very grateful to the many partners in Greater Lawrence and the Far Eastside that we’re working with and will continue to work with long after the Healthiest Cities and Counties Challenge is over. The work is important, and we are dedicated to helping all residents have access to living a healthy lifestyle so that we can reduce childhood obesity and the health problems associated with it.

    Click here to learn more about Harrison Hill and Jump IN for Healthy Kids.

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