Alerts: Aug 5, 2020
On July 20, 2020, the Board of Education voted to delay the start of school from Monday, August 3 to Thursday, August 13, 2020.
For more information and to view our Current Re-Entry Plan, please follow this link.


Harrison Hill is a unique magnet school that offers excellence in education in a culturally diverse environment. Students in grades five and six have the opportunity to choose an Area of Focus, or Major in Related Arts. Families are encouraged to help their student select a yearlong Area of Focus that meets every other day. Students can be in Band, Orchestra, Media/Broadcasting, Visual Arts, Dance & Drama, or Music/Choir.

Students take a General Skill Area in Related Arts on the days that they are not in their Area of Focus. This course changes each quarter to give students an opportunity to explore each area. All first through fourth grade students take a Related Arts Class one day a week as they explore Dance and Drama, Music, Orchestra, Band, Visual Arts, and Library/ Media/Technology.

All grade levels utilize a Core Curriculum based on Indiana State Standards, taught in all Lawrence Township Schools. The Readers and Writers Workshop approach is used in Language Arts, Balanced
Math, Science, Social Studies, and Social Skills & Community Building.