Harrison Hill envisions a learning community that is supportive, collaborative, and accountable.  It is the goal of Harrison Hill School of Inquiry and Performing Arts to develop inquisitive, expressive, and globally-linked young people who contribute to their school and local community. Through music and movement, students have the opportunity to learn about authentic expression of thoughts, ideas, and feelings in order to achieve life goals.

The school culture is reflective of the following ideas and behaviors:

  • strong and supportive leadership at the school and district levels
  • a highly qualified and collaborative staff which uses scientifically-based research (best practices) to guide classroom instruction
  • a highly supportive and thriving parent organization
  • authentic and working partnerships between the school, parents, and community
  • a school community which is accountable, self-reflective, and has processes/structures in place to provide for continuous school improvement

Core Beliefs

  • We believe student learning is facilitated when it takes place in a safe and nurturing environment where students are engaged, supported, and valued.
  • We believe explicit instruction used in conjunction with teacher modeling provides necessary scaffolding for student learning and ultimately student independence.
  • We believe high expectations for students and staff lead to improved classroom performance.
  • We believe differentiated (varied) instructional practices, including extended day learning opportunities, must be provided to ensure student academic success.
  • We believe on-going professional development is critical to school improvement.