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Harrison Hill Web Intro

Harrison Hill School of Inquiry and the Performing Arts

Harrison Hill School of Inquiry and Performing Arts engages students in real-life projects that enhance their understanding of academic standards by applying these skills to real world contexts. Students are taught how to communicate their knowledge through artistic expression. Opportunities include: band, orchestra, dance, drama, art, and choir.

Strategic Plan

Who is MSDLT? What does MSDLT do well? What can MSDLT do to improve? What are barriers to improvement? 

2023-24 Fees

Lunch Menu

Know what's for breakfast and lunch by clicking the below link and viewing today's menu.


MSD of Lawrence Township uses ParentSquare for school communication, primarily with email, text and app notifications

Harrison Hill PFO

Harrison Hill PFO provides a variety of fun activities for the children of HH. Click through to find out more information.

Facility Rental

Interested in renting facility space? In order to determine if a desired space is available, please read through the MSDLT's Facility Rental page and submit the proper application.

What's Happening at Harrison Hill